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Slow Carbs – Long energy

Did you know that when you eat carbohydrates, these carbs ‘transform’ in your body to a form of starch and sugar.

Then, this glucose enters your blood. When this process happens quickly, your blood sugar level increases quickly. Afterwards, it drops quickly (your body makes insulin to drop down the sugars).

This intense process gives you the well know ‘after lunch dip’. So, the faster the sugar or glucose can enter the blood, the faster this process goes. To index which carbs process to sugar quickly and which carbs take a long time – there is a ‘glycemic index’:

SLOW CARBS are carbohydrates with a LOW glycemic index. This means that the sugar in them is released gradually into the bloodstream. These carbs are often rich in fibre and protein.

The base of our FARM KITCHEN wrap and pizza is made out of several different grains and seeds, with a much lower glycemic index than the usual wrap or pizza from your supermarket.

On top of that, the topping of these two bases have low glycemic indexes. Your blood sugar level will like this a lot. Another great benefit is that food with slow carbs will ensure you are left feeling satisfied and energized for the remainder of your day!



Have a look at the graphic above; the red line indicates what happens when you eat products with a lot of sugar or carbs with a high glycemic index – When your blood sugar peaks, your body produces insulin. But then your blood sugar level decreases rapidly. You will be left feeling tired – and will feel an overwhelming need for a snack or to eat something sweet…. And the whole process starts over again.
When you eat products with a low glycemic index, the line will be more like the green one. This gives a much more relaxed, fulfilled and happy body and feeling. So, what’s the choice you’d like to make?

Apart from the benefit of slow carbs in our pizza and wrap base, there are many more benefits you can enjoy when eating our Farm Kitchen products. We don’t use any additives or preservatives in our food, nor do we add sugar or e-numbers. Grow, eat, love, repeat!


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